GROUP NEWS

                        Teamrise Group donated CNY 10,000,000 to Hubei Charity Federation to Novel Coronavirus relief efforts!

                        Through early stages of coordination of assisting to fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the first donation from Teamrise Group of CNY 10 million to Hubei Charity Federation has now been fully paid. The donation, which is regarded as one of the very early measures, expressed Teamrise Group's great determination to work with its hometown to win the battle against the epidemic.

                        Teamrise Group, a private enterprise in Wuhan, with the seed of kindness and thankfulness deep in its heart, has always taken the social responsibility seriously. The management level only wishes the best that hometown Wuhan is peaceful and our compatriots are well. In the warmth of spring, all the flowers will bloom, so will we undoubtedlycreate a bustling scene in Wuhan again. The staffs of Teamrise understand that the development of their company cannot be fulfilled without the support of its hometown fellows and the local government. So Teamrise Group has always been at the forefront of public welfare, undertakings social obligations such as social care, poverty alleviation and education donations.

                        At the beginning of the epidemic, Chairman Zhang Hua of the Teamrise Group personally took in charge, convened the board meeting urgently to deploy the donation and set up a epidemic prevention team inside Teamrise Group. They managed to organize corporate donations, employee health investigations, front-line epidemic prevention and protection for company property. When the epidemic situation reaches to an end, Teamrise will take solid action plans to resume a safe and stable working status, which while at present is progressing in an orderly manner. In order to ensure the health and livelihood of over 20,000 owners who have been delivered real estate ownership from the Teamrise Group, the staff of Real Estate Management Company of the Group works at the forefront every day. They act under the guidance of epidemic prevention and control headquarters at all levels, to cooperate in the implementation of investigation, isolation and material distribution.

                        During this hard period of time, chairman Zhang Hua communicated with Teamrise employees online on frequent occasions to express the determination of Teamrise Group to fight through the difficulties with Wuhan people. He said,

                        “At present, most of Teamrise employees are in Wuhan or in neighboring cities. Everyone's health and life will be greatly affected in short term. This sudden epidemic is the disaster of three towns in Wuhan, the injury of Teamrise people and the pain of Wuhan people. There is a famous line of poem saying ‘I shall dedicate myself to the interests of the country in life and death irrespective of personal will and world’. The ups and downs of 2020 are destined to be difficult and unforgettable. The continuous growth in life comes from temporary setback and the persistence of rising as well. Health, peace and auspiciousness are our blessings today. The new year will definitely bring us new hope! Family members of Teamrise, full offaithand expectation, will bravely go through this difficult times, just like the Phoenix will arisefrom nirvana. For sure, Teamrise will be glorious and blooming in the new decade! "

                        At the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia comes in a fierce and urgent way, forcing the country to build up an invisible fence to defend such enemy. On the land of Jingchu that our ancestors left us, the disease brought us stagnancy, while the descendants of Jingchu, grounded at home though, still hopes to regain prosperity. With the same desire, President Xi is concerned about thousands of people in China. All the People in the country are united as one, through thick and thin. Medical teams, who are called “the most beautiful backwardwalker”, and supplies of all necessities, come to epidemic area from all directions of the country, to fight against the disease. In the face of severe epidemic, Teamrise Group pays its highest tribute toall the white angels and all the work staff fighting in the front line of the epidemic! Having prepared to meet the challenge of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, we, Teamrise Group, firmly believe that under the powerful leadership of the Communist Party, the State Council, the Central Government and the governments at all levels, the Chinese people will win this battle without gunpowder in the near future!